The Education Department provides Tribal Members assistance in obtaining their educational goals by providing case management, financial assistance for college and technical school, scholarships for college students, and activities for tribal youth. Activities include but are not limited to a Summer School, After School Program, Tutoring, and a Student Recognition Dinner where all Tribal Children and adults in attendance are recognized for their progress in school. The focus for the Education Department is supporting students in their academic pursuit. The Education Department provides resources, guidance and support to help students become educated, healthy and well-rounded Tribal members as they progress toward their higher education and/or vocational aspirations.

    The Education Department oversees the Tribal Library where there are hundreds of titles for Tribal Members of all ages to check out. The Tribal Library is maintained by a Librarian and Education Department Staff. We continue to expand the number of books on the shelves that inform our Tribal Community and capture the community’s interests.

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    Education Department
    Education Department
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