Native American Medal of Honor Medallions are awarded to a group of Veterans at Salmon Ceremony each year

we are seeking information to honor your service

If you are an Enrolled member of CTCLUSI and have served or are serving in any branch of the Armed Services, we are seeking information to honor your service. In the past, the Tribal Chief has selected Tribal members to be recognized at our Annual Salmon Ceremony. In addition, the Tribe has dedicated a wall at the Historic Tribal Hall, to display both current and past Veterans. We would like to add honored members.

Eligibility requires Proof of Honorable Service – Member must provide copy of DD-214 or Military ID Card or VA Medical ID Card to verify proof of honorable service.


CCAT is proud to announce a new FREE shuttle service (wheelchair accessible) for all Veterans with a verified medical appointment outside of Coos County beginning 22 May 2018!

Questions? Contact CTCLUSI Family Services
at 541-888-1311


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