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Tribal Government Offices ARE CLOSED to the public until further notice

In the interest of the health of our Tribal members, staff and the greater community the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians our Tribal Government and Outreach Offices are closed to the public until further notice. The Tribe will maintain a small group of essential services staff who will continue to provide services to those most vulnerable in our Tribal Community. The Tribal Council will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis, and respond as necessary.


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Distance Learning Gift Cards & Food Assistance for Families

CTCLUSI has received ONE-TIME additional funding related to the COVID-19 pandemic to provide $50 distance learning supply gift cards to CTCLUSI enrolled K-12 students and $150 food assistance gift cards
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Notice of Code Amendment

TITLE: 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 1-15 Executive Management The Tribal Council has determined amendments are needed for Chapter 1-’15 Executive Management; and The Tribal Council wishes to amend CLUSITC Chapter
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The Housing Department is ordering Chrome Books for Tribal Enrolled Students ages 5-18, and Elders ages 55 + If you meet, these criteria and you have a need for one


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