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    Culture Coalition

    The Culture Department works to support the effective integration of Tribal culture into all Tribal operations, in a manner that helps our Tribal members understand our rich Tribal heritage, and supports efforts to recognize the cultural knowledge that our ancestors and our environment have provided to help our peoples thrive in our traditional lands for thousands of years. The department is also directed to help build cohesion and a common sense of pride among our Tribal members, and ensure that our members and the world know the true story of our peoples.

    The Culture Department's planning incorporates the arts, heritage, humanities, and culture that adequately represent the composition of our Tribes unique cultural interests in our ancestral homeland.

    We strive to identify barriers to public cultural awareness and education and cultural expression and remove as many financial, physical, and culturally perceived roadblocks as possible in order for arts, humanities, heritage, and culture to flourish and grow in our communities.

    Contacts List

    Cultural Stewardship Manager
    Jesse Beers
    Cultural Stewardship Manager
    541-888-1319 (Main)

    1245 Fulton Avenue, Coos Bay, OR 97420