• Maintain and improve Tribal environmental quality through integrated waste management
  • Complete and update annually a Tribal Integrated Waste Management Plan that outlines an appropriate balance of waste prevention, reuse, recycling, and disposal.
  • Meet waste disposal and recycling needs for Tribal facilities and reduce waste generation
  • Develop a waste hierarchy of waste reduction, recycling, composting, and disposal
  • Ensure environmental protection through proper disposal of municipal waste, construction and demolition wastes, and other special wastes, such as household hazardous waste, industrial waste, asbestos, appliances, electronic equipment, tires, motor oil, etc
  • Develop Tribal Code respective to management and enforcement of an Integrated Waste Management Plan
  • Evaluate cost effectiveness of implementing Tribal Integrated Waste Management Plan following Tribal Code development


CTCLUSI recognizes that the most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. Waste reduction, reuse, and recycling all reduce costs and reduce impacts to Tribal cultural and natural resources.


Tribal Integrated Waste Management Plan
This plan has been prepared by the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua & Siuslaw as a guide to develop and implement an effective integrated waste management program specific to the tribe’s needs. The Plan will assist the Tribes with making decisions to improve the lands, air, water, and cultural resources in the Tribes’ Ancestral Territory for future generations. This plan includes the identification of existing waste systems and waste reduction strategies, implementation, monitoring and outreach methods.
Tribal Integrated Waste management Plan is located on the side bar of this page

Information regarding Disposal and Transfer Sites in the Tribes’ Five County Service Area can be found:

Tribal Integrated Waste management Plan

OR online at the following links:
Coos County
Douglas County
Lane County
Lincoln County
Curry county no link available at this time
Other counties in OR


Tribal members are encouraged to take recyclables to a transfer station or recycling center near their residence or business.


People observing illegal dumping of waste (the action, the presence of improper materials in collection containers, or waste materials dumped in inappropriate locations) on the Tribes’ property are to notify Tribal Police at 541-997-6011.


Throughout Oregon communities have established permanent, free collection boxes that are open year-round for safe and anonymous disposal of unused drugs. Please check the link below for locations and other information. Tribal Police may also available to assist with drug disposal. Tribal Police may be reached at: 541-997-6011.
Drug Take-Back and Disposal