The Office of Intergovernmental & External Affairs ("IGEA") serves as primary liaison of the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians ("Tribe"), including with state, local, federal, and other tribal governmental entities, as well as with business and industry, civic groups, educational institutions, laboratories, foundations, advocacy groups, and trade associations.

    The Director of Intergovernmental & External Affairs ("DIGEA") leads the IGEA with a deep and broad understanding of the complex political and legal landscape in which the Tribe exists, and with the ability to advise the Tribal Council, the Tribal Administrator, and other senior Tribal officials on policies, actions, and initiatives that will allow the Tribe to take maximum advantage of its unique situation.

    The DIGEA helps to formulate and clarify Tribal policies, helps the Tribe speak with a consistent and clear voice, advocates for the Tribe’s adherence to its important external commitments, and helps the Tribe respond in a timely and appropriate manner to the concerns and interests of its external stakeholders and partners.

    As former Realty Program director, the DIGEA also directs and supervises the Tribe's Realty & Land Use staff with a focus on preserving and enhancing tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction, improving government-to-government relations, and encroachment prevention and mitigation.

    What is NOT a part of Intergovernmental & External Affairs?

    The Tribal Council is the official point of contact for government-to-government consultation unless Tribal Council chooses to designate a point-of-contact for a specific issue or range of issues. Ref. Tribal Code at 1-8-5(a).

    The IGEA does not conduct routine technical or ministerial interactions and communications on behalf of the Tribe’s staff and directors.

    Contacts List

    Director of Intergovernmental & External Affairs
    Director of Intergovernmental & External Affairs
    541-888-9577 (Main)

    1245 Fulton Avenue, Coos Bay, OR 97420