Hanisiich Village - Story Map

    Hanisiich Village - Story Map

    The Hollering Place Background

    • From time immemorial, the Hollering Place (Hanisiich) was a historical Coos Tribal village site on the banks of the river Coos, Oregon. It was the first European Settlement, and became a busy commercial location based on the thriving logging industry in the area. Empire City was a thriving port community and the first county seat of Coos County, Oregon. When the county seat eventually relocated to the City of Coquille, Empire City or simply Empire, as it is now known, was reduced to just a struggling unincorporated part of the City of Coos Bay. However, by 1998, a citizen-led the effort to restore Empire began. In response, the City of Coos Bay Urban Renewal Agency bought the Hollering Place, and in 2008, the Hollering Place Master Plan was developed and adopted to help guide development.

    • The Confederated Tribes, an integral part of this community, sought to work with the City of Coos Bay to restore the Hollering Place site and, by extension, Empire.

    • In 2014, CTCLUSI responded to a RFQ (Request for Quotation) to develop the Hollering Place

    • In March of 2018, CTCLUSI and the City signed a DDA (Disposition and Development Agreement) to collaborate on the redevelopment of The Hollering Place as a way to honor the past and provide economic and environmental benefits for the future generations of the area. The DDA Obligates the Agency to sell the Hollering Place property to the Tribes for the Tribes to build a destination-caliber resort with a cultural heritage museum and promenade from bluff-top to the beach after Tribes have completed specific due diligence items and obtained third-party financing, among other matters.

    Proposed Development

    Upper Lot
    1). Cultural Building (4250 sq. ft.)
    2) Hardscaping (12,000 sq. ft.)
    3) Planted Area-allowance (6,000 sq. ft.)
    4) Parking (11 spaces)
    5). Vacation houses(2)
    6) Sewer Pump Station (120 sq. ft.)
    7). Stepped interpretive pedestrian access to Mill St.

    Lower lot
    1). Seawall (220 LF)
    2). Vacation Rental Cabins (10x) (total: 3500 sq. ft.) (each 350 sq. ft.)
    3). Hardscaping Lower lot (55,250 sq. ft)
    4). Retail/Residential Buildings (6,720 sq. ft)
    5). Dining Restaurant (48 seats) (6720 sq. ft.)
    6). Event Building (1,750 sq. ft.)
    7). Public Restroom (300 sq. ft.)
    8). Enclosed Storage (300 sq. ft.)
    9). Parking (62 spaces)
    10). Interpretive landscape planting enhancement including storm water filtration and raised walkways over a water feature (18,900 sq. ft.)
    11). Waterfront trail

    Hollering Place Figure 1 concept site plan
    Figure 1. Concept Site Plan

    Hollering Place Figure 2 aerial view north west
    Figure 2. Aerial View (North West)

    Contacts List

    Planning Director
    Jeffrey Stump
    Planning Director
    541-888-1305 (Main)
    1245 Fulton Avenue, Coos Bay, OR 97420