Education Department's Mission Statement

    The Education Department provides Tribal Members assistance in obtaining their educational goals by providing case management, financial assistance for college and technical school, scholarships for college students, and activities for tribal youth. Activities include but are not limited to a Summer School, After School Program, Tutoring, and a Student Recognition Dinner where all Tribal Children and adults in attendance are recognized for their progress in school. The focus for the Education Department is supporting students in their academic pursuit. The Education Department provides resources, guidance and support to help students become educated, healthy and well-rounded Tribal members as they progress toward their higher education and/or vocational aspirations.
    The Education Department oversees the Tribal Library where there are hundreds of titles for Tribal Members of all ages to check out. The Tribal Library is maintained by a Librarian and Education Department Staff. We continue to expand the number of books on the shelves that inform our Tribal Community and capture the community’s interests.
    The CTCLUSI Education department, pledges to provide both traditional learning and western principles of knowledge through the higher education Stipend Program, the Adult Education program, learning supports that allow for high school completion, tutoring and mentoring for middle and elementary school students who identify with indigenous traditions. The education Department is committed to helping tribal members examine their potential in contributing to the tribal community. As resources increase, the education department expects to further develop program offerings to the five county service and to all members of the General Council. Inspired by our territorial grandeur and respect for her stewardship, the education department is further invested in collaborations with all other departments, believing that many strands of cordage strengthens our longevity as a people.
    Contact us by phone (541) 888-1315 or e-mail us at
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    GED/ Adult Education

    CTCLUSI Education Department has funding for programs related to obtaining your GED. When you find a GED program you would like to participate in, just have the school bill to “Ctclusi Education Department” and we will take it from there. If you are considering applying for a program, please inquire about what services we can provide for you.

    Already know where your program is? Contact the CTCLUSI Education Department at 541-888-1315

    Higher Education Program

    If you aspire to obtain an Undergraduate, Graduate, and/or Post-Graduate Degree (Ph.D), our Education Department has many resources available that you can apply for. Most accredited colleges fulfill requirements that match our program’s credentials. For any additional information about this process, please call us at 541-888-1315, or email us at
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    Are you a new student seeking the CTCLUSI Higher Education Program? If you are new to our program, you will need to fill out the Laserfische Document in the link below, which also requires submission of numerous forms (outlined in the packet).
    Are you a returning student seeking to continue your Higher Education? If you are a returning student, you will need to submit documentation that is similar to the initial packet you originally submitted; however, it will have a few changes.
    Are you an active student? Here are some other resources for you:

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    Summer Student Internship Program

    Finished with school for the summer? We offer a very customizable internship for our college students. The only prerequisites are enrolled in a college and to be at least 21 years of age. We offer any of our students a number of diverse programs in Finance, Human Resources, Family Services, Culture, Tribal Courts and wellness, Department of Natural resources, and Enrollment.
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    2018 Summer Interns
    2018 Summer Interns

    Tribal Scholarships

    The Confederated Tribes’ Education Department is doing everything we can to ensure students have an easier time paying for their education, but we are not the only ones who are thinking of you. The Education Committee works very hard to organize and ensure the availability of our tribal scholarships. These scholarship donations come from many different areas in the community and within the tribe.

    The Pepsi Scholarship is a privately funded scholarship. Applicants should look into explaining their role of community service in the tribes.

    The Mitsis Scholarship is exclusively funded by the Education Committee. Applicants should write about how our tribal history or knowledge has changed their life in some way.

    The last scholarship we offer is the Elders Scholarship, funded by private tribal donations as well as our own tribal elders (In fact, part of their own 50/50 raffle money is donated to our students!). Applicants should look into writing about their experience with an elder’s teachings and how it has changed their life.

    All of these scholarships are annually awarded and funded. Only CTCLUSI Higher Education Students are awarded these scholarships. We encourage you to apply for all of them!

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    Tutoring Services

    The Education Department will help students K-12 with any tutoring education needs on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact us if you have any needs and we will do our best to accommodate you in your area.

    Summer School

    During the first few weeks of summer, the education department provides a summer school program open to all youth and graduating seniors. During these few weeks, Students can brush up on their academic skills as well as being exposed to cultural activities. We are excited to work with many of our other departments such as culture and natural resources to provide a fun curriculum for our students. Look for applications in spring.

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    Summer School Picture Collage

    Student Recognition Dinner

    Every summer, typically after spring term, the education department hosts a dinner to honor that years students of all ages from Kindergarten to College graduates. This is an opportunity for the tribe to see its student accomplishment’s and also have a few guest speakers.
    Higher Education Graduations

    Additional Resources or applications

    Note: Back to school Card will have a deadline where the education Department will not process anymore cards after September 25th for the current school year. Please contact the department if you have any questions. (541) 888-1315

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