The clean-up of the Tribe's Coos Head Property remains top priority for the Tribal Response Program.

The Tribes regained the 43.10 acre tract known as Coos Head, located near Charleston, OR, in late 2005. Coos Head had a long history of military use beginning in 1875 – first by the US Army, then the US Navy, and finally by the Oregon Air National Guard. Throughout these 130 years of military occupation, certain areas on the property were contaminated. Until these contaminated areas are cleaned up, the Tribes ability to reoccupy Coos Head remains severely restricted.

Currently, there are three active clean-up programs working on the Coos Head Assessment and Remediation Project. The Underground Storage Tank Program cleans up gasoline and diesel which have leaked from buried fuel tanks. The Military Munitions Response Program cleans up lead slugs, lead shot, and skeet fragments from the firing ranges. The Installation Restoration Program cleans up general chemical contamination including solvents used to clean auto parts, PCBs leaked from transformers, etc. Partners working on the Coos Head clean-up project include the Air National Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, US Navy, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and multiple environmental contractors.

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