After being taken by the U.S. more than 140 years ago and developed into a military facility, Coos Head is once again under local CTCLUSI ownership and management. However, throughout the years of military occupation, certain areas of the property became contaminated. The cleanup process took 12 years to complete, and now the Coos Head is no longer a brownfield. The potential for this property is vast for the Tribes, leaving nothing but opportunity for growth and development.

    The planning staff has directed the consulting team, led by Cogan Owens Greene, to consider both the Bal’diyaka Plan and the Integrated Resources Management Plan for Coos Head as a basis for the Coos Head Area Master Plan (CHAMP). The concepts show a tremendous opportunity for a cultural interpretive and retreat center at Coos Head that showcases CTCLUSI culture and traditions. Chief Warren Brainard says, “We foresee an environmentally sensitive redevelopment of Coos Head as a benefit not only for Tribal members but also for the greater Charleston and Coos Bay area economy.”

    In 2018, the CHAMP has been finalized and was adopted by Tribal Council on August 12, 2018. Currently, Tribe’s and Coos County’s Planning Department are working on adopting a new 1) Recreational Employment Lands (REL) Zone within the County’s Land Use Ordinance as well as 2) updating the County’s Comprehensive Plan to match the recommended development standards of CHAMP. Once these plans have been reviewed and addressed, the process of implementation will take place in the county level through the Planning Commission then to the County Commissioners for final approval.

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