The Air Quality Program exists to protect Tribal member health and resources from ambient and indoor air pollution. We operate indoor and outdoor air monitoring equipment, and are continually seeking to building additional program capacity. Eventually, CTCLUSI will seek regulatory authority under selected sections of the Federal Clean Air Act from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Tribal Authority Rule (TAR).

    In 2007, the Air Quality Program completed an Air Quality Assessment for the Tribes' Ancestral Airsheds. The purpose of the Air Quality Assessment was to improve the Tribes' understanding of current air quality conditions and determine whether air quality risks from criteria pollutants and/or air toxics exists.

    In 2008, the Air Quality Program was successful in securing funding through EPA Region 10 under Section 103 of the Federal Clean Air Act. This funding provided the Air Quality Program with an opportunity to install a PM 2.5 and Meteorological Monitoring Project on tribal lands near the Tribal Administration Offices. Technical assistance was provided by the Tribal Environmental Exchange Network (TREX) for station installation and data management. A Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) was developed for the PM 2.5 & Meterological Monitoring Project and was approved by the EPA in October 2009. Meterological monitoring was initated on October 2, 2009, and PM 2.5 monitoring was initiated in September 2011.

    The Air Quality Program secured a "Treatment in the Same Manner as a State" or TAS authorization for Sections 105 and 505(a)(2) of the Federal Clean Air Act. TAS status provides the Tribes with an "affected status" in regards to the state and federal air quality permitting process.

    View the Tribe’s Air Quality Monitoring data in near REAL TIME at the link below.

    Current Measurements at CTCLUSI Radar Hill-OR

    If you have any questions please contact Carter Thomas, Air and Water Protection Specialist in the Department of Natural Resources. 541-751-3282.


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