Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians

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Tribal Council

The Tribal Council shall consist of a Tribal Chief, elected by the general council for a term of 10 years and six (6) members elected by the general council to terms of office of four (4) years each. The Council shall elect a Chair and Vice-Chair from within its membership. The Tribal chief is a voting member of the council.

The Tribal Council shall have the authority to exercise all legislative and executive authority of the Tribes, except that specifically vested in the general council by the constitution.

CTCLUSI Tribal Council
Chief Warren Brainard
Position #1, Doc Slyter
Position #2, Beaver Bowen
Position #3, Chairman Mark Ingersoll
Position #5, Vice-Chair Teresa Spangler
Position #6, Arron McNutt
Position #4, Tara Bowen

Tribal Council Contact Information
You may e-mail Tribal Council members individually at the e-mail addresses listed below or you can send an e-mail to all members of Tribal Council at

Warren Brainard

Term Began: 4/11/2010
Term Ends: 4/2020

Doc Slyter

Position 1
Term Began: 4/12/2015
Term Ends: 4/2019

Beverly (Beaver) Bowen

Position 2
Term Began: 4/13/2014
Term Ends: 4/2018

Mark Ingersoll

Position 3
Term Began: 4/12/2014
Term Ends: 4/2019

Tara Bowen

Position 4
Term Began: 2014
Term Ends: 4/2018
541- 808-7394

Teresa Spangler

Position 5
Term Began: 4/12/2015
Term Ends: 4/2019

Arron McNutt

Position 6
Term Began: 4/13/2014
Term Ends: 4/2018