Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians

1245 Fulton Avenue, Coos Bay, OR 97420, Toll Free: 1-888-280-0726

Tribal Hall

In 1941, 6.1 acres of donated land were made available to the tribes for a reservation, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs constructed a tribal hall on the property. To be used for Indian tribes.

History of the Tribal Hall

1937 - Land deeded 6.1 acres of donated land were made available to the tribes for a reservation by Empire Development Company

1941 - Tribal Hall Constructed by BIA

1954 - Terminated and lost control of the land

1973 – Regained control of Tribal Hall. Used it as a Food Bank, Tribal Store & Museum

1979 – Tribe was forced to stop using tribal hall during winter months due to heating costs

1980 – Roof was so bad, the museum artifacts were removed and offices were moved to private home.

1982 – The high school dropout rate for tribal students was 47% (compared 25% of general population)

1984 - Restored

During this time only 6% of the tribal elders over 65 were still alive (compared to 12% of general population). 19% of tribal members had never visited a dentist. 21% had never seen a eye doctor. Then most stated reason was due to lack of finances.

1989 – Added to National Register of Historic Places

1989 – Rehabilitation work

Coquille Indians needing money to pursue restoration, sold their portion of rights to the tribal hall and CTCLUSI gained full ownership of the building.

1992 – Permit from National Forest Service: to transplant
2 Manzanita, 28 Kinnickinnick, 6 Wild Strawberry Plants, 21 Huckleberry, 35 Salal, and 12 Pacific Wax Myrtle , to the tribal hall reservation

1997 – Replaced the floor with wood

200*- a museum was built inside the tribal hall.

2011 – Tribal Hall Renovated and had roof and siding replaced. The siding is non-treated cedar shake siding which will age to a grey overtime.

2012 - Culture Department moved into the building

Currently - Being used for Cultural Activities/Ceremonies & Elders Lunches. It can be reserved for use by contacting Jan Lawrence, Administrative Secretary.

Upcoming - Tribal Hall Trail Project